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Bird Watching 001

Published Tue 23 Mar 2021

This week the club presents our newly appointed president, Nick Holt who is working hard with many new members of the board, who along with Nick, have volunteered to be part of an amazing administration team in season 2021. On the back of NFFC’s successfully centenary year, Nick is driving strategic directions and important cultural shifts, through consultative processes, that improve off-field club performance and lead to success on the field!!

Bird Watching 001- NFFC President, Nick Holt

Nickname: Holty

Role at Football Club: President

How long have you been at NFFC and what attracted you to the Club?

‘I first came down half-way through 2014. I haven’t been around local footy clubs much when growing up and always wanted to give it a crack. The timing was right, I showed up one evening and the rest is history! My first session was a Thursday night training and can clearly remember having a couple of beers with Bradley Cox and Oz afterwards.’

Who is family and what does it mean to you?

‘Family is anyone wearing the black and white! I have the deepest respect and love for anyone who digs deep and supports the Club - whether they are supporting it by kicking goals on the field, waving the flags, making the burgers, marking the lines or shouting from the sidelines. That's what the Club and family is about - supporting each other anytime, anywhere.’

If you were a professional fighter, what song would you walk out to?

‘Immigrant Song- Led Zeppelin’

Favourite place to holiday?

‘Can’t go past a good overseas trip to Rotto!!’

Activity, interest or favourite thing to do when not at the club, work, or studying?

‘Either taking the dogs out for a walk and a beer or a good Sunday session and bbq!’

What would you like to be better at?


If you could have an unlimited supply of one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

‘Has to be a good sausage roll’

You are the host of your own late night talk show….who do you invite as your first guest and why?

‘Bon Scott- I imagine he would have some belter stories!’

Best piece of advice you have ever been given?

‘Enjoy the ride!’

Have you ever completed anything on your ‘bucket list’ or if not, what is it that you would like to complete the most?

‘Retire down south!’

Final Question: What makes North Fremantle Football Club such a special place to be a part of?

‘The people'



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